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Book collecting is an obsession, an occupation, a disease, an addiction, a fascination, an absurdity, a fate. It is not a hobby. Those who do it must do it. Those who do not do it, think of it as a cousin of stamp collecting, a sister of the trophy cabinet, bastard of a sound bank account and a weak mind.



slytherclaw. intj.
"Somewhere in the back of my brain there exists this certainty: The body is no more than a costume, and can be changed at will. That the changing of bodies, like costumes, would make me into a different character, a character who might, finally, be all right."

5-and-a-half minute hallways, aaron hotchner: secret time-lord, abandoned buildings, aleister crowley, amy pond = me, ancient cartography, anthropology (forensic/medical/cultural/physical), appie-pie that's worth it, arthurian folklore, avoiding-the-four-word-interest-limit-with-hyphens, backtalking with big words, being a human wikipedia, biochemical weapons, black phoenix alchemy lab, book depositories, books > people, bothering the darkness, byron is a vampire, cerebral haematoma ftw!, criminal minds, darkly dreaming dexter, dave rossi: ladies' man, david bowie, dean+impala otp, department of (paleo)infectious disease, diary coming w/included soul-fragment, doctor who, doctor/everyone, doctors one through eleven, epistolary novels, evil twin; eviller twin, evil tyrannist groupies, exhorting: "motherfuckers!", fashion, fencing with femurs, finding loopholes, firefly, flicky knives, folklore, freaking people with telepathy, garcia/morgan flirty banter, genetics, genius doctor reid, german expressionism, gibbs' rules, grammar policing, hallowe'en, harry potter, hitchhiking the galaxy, holmes's coat of sex, hotch's forceful interrogation skills, imagination, imitating horatio caine, insane irish faerie kings, insulting creationists, internet that works, jaguar-hiding-in-a-cello, joss whedon's brain playground, katabasis, kuribohs flying free, la belle époque, labyrinth, linguistics, lo-lee-ta, lovely words by w b yeats, magical medical merry-go-round, making bizarre typos, making up words, marie antoinette, masquerades, metaphors are important, mocking the goblin king, moff tiem nao, moffatwhathaveyoudone?, more books than shelves, musicals, musée d'orsay meandering, mysteries of unsolved mysteries, mythemes, nanowrimo, nathan petrelli's aerodynamic hair, no chick flick moments, once upon a time, outlandish harry potter theories, overextended similies and metaphors, pegasquee, persephone, peter pan, pie-house not herbal crackden!, pirating the caribbean, playing @being une pâtissiere, practising latent telekinesis, protection-against-demons salt, pumpkin spice latté, putting souls in needles, regenesis, rock salt, romanadvoratrelundar being fobwatched, rumbleroar, russia in its 'teens, sammy winchester's latinating skills, sandman, sarcasm, sauntering vaguely downwards, schadenfreude, scruffy serial killers, searching for faeries, sewing, shepherd's pie w/actual shepherd, sherlock, silent films, silhouettes, slumming @the unseelie court, soul toast, spectres in the cellar, spencer reid's multiple degrees, stealthy ninja pirates, stewart & colbert, storytellers, supernatural, sylar's (possible)creutzfeldt-jakob disease, symphonies, syncretic religions, that's a planet!, the brothers winchester, the divine steve jobs, the spy!rents, the vampire diaries, the x-files, the-phantom-is-sexing-christine-up-with-his-eyes, theatre, there's a weeping angel behind you, three a.m. lucidity, thunderstorms, tom riddle's horcruxes, torchwood: canada, tormenting-morgoth-with-mary-sues, utter doctor who snobbery, vampires that don't sparkle, very special agent dinozzo, victoriana, vincent price, vlad tepes, voldemort ministry badge possibilities, waiting for drug-resistant tuberculosis, wanderlust, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, world domination via sporks, writing, zydrate via grave-robbers


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